Our Company Profile

Poly-tek are based in Kent and have, for the last decade, been offering Plastic Injection Moulding, Medical Pipe Extrusion, Sheet Plastic Fabrication, Full Diamond or Flame Edged Polishing, Composite Thermo Boards and a full CNC Routing service utilising the latest in CAD/CAM technology.

This has been achieved by sustained profitable business and continued investment in plant and machinery. 2003 saw our first full vacuum bed CNC Router installation followed by a further two high speed CNC Routers in 2007!

Over the years we have adopted our skills and knowledge to keep pace with today's ever-increasing competitive market environment. Our customer base has grown to accommodate the needs of many large well-known companies, all of whom require and enjoy our top quality service.

All of our customers receive this same quality service, whether it be a large or small order to place with us, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction and with our own transport, deliveries are on time every time!

100% Customer Satisfaction with Deliveries On Time, Every Time


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